Monday, June 27, 2011

Kids And Canines

Summer is a wonderful season for all sorts of activities. There are multiple sports, camps, and activities for kids out there. Signing your child up for a dog training class gets a few things accomplished at once... which I LOVE!
1) Your kids get to have a sense of pride and ownership in the family dog and what the dog is capable of doing.
2) The dog gets obedience training, which in my experience most family dogs don't get enough; and even if they do, continued training is ALWAYS 100% beneficial!
3) The dog gets to build a strong bond and working relationship with your child.
4) One afternoon or evening a week, you get to mentally exercise the dog and kid at the same time!

Starting July 28th (Thursday), I will be offering a Kids & Canines class that is open to kids ages 5-11. We will cover many useful things in the 4-week class, including: basic commands, leash skills (parental help where needed), Come When Called, basic care/handling, and what to do if your child encounters an unfamiliar dog.

Enrollment form and information may be found at the Bone-A-Fide Dog Training website. Please enroll by the 26th! Feel free to call should you have any questions or concerns!

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