Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Time To Love

Over my morning coffee this morning, I read a disturbing and rather heart-breaking post on Facebook.  A friend of mine from KS had posted that a friend of hers had her dog stolen right out of her yard yesterday.  The thief even took off the dog's collar and hung it on the kennel as  a final "I took your dog" token.  The house sitter did say that she had seen a boy walking down the street with a white dog (Baxter), but by the time she reached the house and realized this, the boy was no where to be found.
There are several things that are disturbing here:
Why would the house sitter leave a dog, unattended, while she was away from the house?
WHY would a kid think it's OK to just TAKE something (or someone) who doesn't belong to them?! Why hasn't a parent reported a dog... assuming the dog made it to a home environment.

My biggest fear is that this sweet, little rescued dog has been taken to bait for fighting.  I don't know if this is really much of an issue in that area... but the situation lends itself to wonder.

Things like this tear me up and will bother me for a long long time.  I can only pray that this person has just taken Baxter because they wanted a dog for themselves.  I pray that they will return him safely.

I can also ask all of you to recommit to your own dogs' safety/well being.
So often I hear from people that are at their breaking point with their dogs' behavior... they have virtually no affection for the dog.  This is heart-breaking.  Your dog DESERVES to have you spend time loving, playing, and training it!  YOU brought the dog into your life, now make both your lives happy by investing in your relationship!

Ask yourself how you would feel if suddenly, you came home and the dog was gone.  No idea who took them, what's being done to them.  You may say that you "wouldn't care"... but stop that attitude and THINK.  Would you really not care?  Possible abuse, neglect, death by baiting (if a person isn't willing to get a dog honestly, they WON'T be genuine in their care).

So, make a list if you have to.  What are your dogs' needs and entitlements?  What would need to be in place to make you a happy dog owner (be specific)?  Now, make a plan of action.  Get a trainer, contact me if you want... anyone.

Just remember that there are times to step away from your own situation, and be grateful that at the end of the day, your dog is snoozing safely in your home.  You know you love them, and care for them... or that you have recommitted to them.  Love them. 

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